2003 Election for the Government of Ontario

PREMIER Dalton McGuinty - Ontario Liberal Party

38th Parliament of the Government of Ontario

Duration 19th November 2003 - 10th September 2007

Election Held on 2nd October 2003

Willowdale - Ontario

CandidateNumber of votesElected
Zimmer, David (Ontario Liberal Party)21823X
Young, David (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)19957
Bobb, Yvonne (New Democratic Party of Ontario)3084
Vettese, Sharolyn (Green Party of Ontario)933
Morra, Rina (Family Coalition Party of Ontario)442
Byrnes, Vaughan (Freedom Party of Ontario)227

Voters cast 46,466 valid votes.

19,957 votes for Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario wasted

3,084 votes for New Democratic Party of Ontario wasted

1,602 votes for Other wasted